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                                                    Aluminum silicate products

                                                    Name:Aluminum silicate products


                                                    Aluminum silicate

                                                    Aluminum silicate 

                                                    Aluminum silicate rope

                                                    Aluminum silicate blanket
                                                    Characteristics: high temperature resistance, low thermal capacity, thermal conductivity, excellent chemical stability, excellent thermal stability, excellent shock resistance, excellent sound absorbing performance, high temperature is not easy to powder, does not contain binders and corrosive substances.
                                                    Process: according to the different needs of the different materials of raw materials (such as coke gemstones, SiO2, Al2O3, zircon sand) mixed by electric resistance furnace for melting and spraying blowing or thrown silk made of aluminum silicate fiber, then according to product requirements fiber, settlement, heat setting, and vertical and horizontal cutting, playing volume, weaving etc. all different processes made aluminum silicate fiber board, pipe, felt, blanket, rope, etc. products.
                                                    Application: seal 1, industrial furnace wall lining, door and cover;
                                                    2, building engineering, fire door of fire prevention and heat insulation;
                                                    3, electric power, chemical and other high temperature equipment of heat preservation and heat insulation;
                                                    4, the ship's bulkhead, deck, offshore oil drilling platform.


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