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                                                    Turkey Atlas (1+1)×600 MW iskenderun thermal power plant

                                                    Name:Turkey Atlas (1+1)×600 MW iskenderun thermal power plant


                                                    type: thermal power plant

                                                    Project name: Turkey Atlas (1+1)×600 MW iskenderun thermal power plant

                                                    Contractor: Hubei Electric Power Construction 1st Engineering Company, Hubei Electric Power Construction 2nd Engineering Company

                                                    Project location: Turkey Atlas

                                                    Contract pattern:  contract for labor and materials

                                                    Construction content: Insulation works of steam engine room equipment and pipeline, filter-bag dust remover; heat preservation of back flue and ceiling, boiler tube, flue gas denitration instrument; insulation of boiler auxiliaries and desulfuration zone

                                                    Main thermal insulation material: High temperature resistant glass wool articles, refractory castable, rock wool articles, aluminium silicate


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